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Vision Integration Library: Vision & Eye Health Resource Center at Prevent Blindness

The Vision Integration Library: Vision & Eye Health Resource Center at Prevent Blindness is a compilation of current resources that can be used by public health, healthcare, and community service providers. It is our goal that these resources enhance or integrate vision and eye health initiatives in public health programming through their use. These resources have been identified by a broad scan and review of available programs, tools, and current practices. Integrating these tools and resources into your programming may help to improve the vision outcomes for individuals and communities of all ages, especially older adults, individuals with chronic diseases, and those at risk for eye diseases.

Links to resources other than those of Prevent Blindness will take you to partner web content outside preventblindness.org and will open in a new browser tab. While we review and approve resources for inclusion in this database, Prevent Blindness is not responsible for the content on external websites. Also, the site increases accessibility via WCAG level A processes that make text and image content machine-readable or can improve readability.

Note: If there is a resource that you think should be included here, please fill out the NEW RESOURCE REQUEST FORM.

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